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Which Disc Injury Treatment Is Best For YOU?

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Let's say that you're one of the lucky people who have a significant disc injury. Congratulations! Let's take a look at your prize choices!

Showcase #1: You're now the recipient of crippling spinal pain that radiates into your arms or legs, at least 1 but probably multiple spinal surgeries, a lifetime supply of pain meds, and a fear of movement and exercise because it might happen again! Quick, easy, and NO guarantee that it'll fix your problem...You're so lucky!

Showcase #2: You'll have a slightly longer, harder road to recovery, but one that will provide lasting results, requires no surgery or drugs, and will give you the confidence to keep your body moving!

Ok, so maybe choosing a treatment option for disc injuries isn't THIS cut and dry, but research is showing that the choice of most clinicians is leaning heavily towards conservative care! Let's take a look at and compare just some of the common treatment options out there for disc injuries. If you haven't read our last post about how disc get injured in the first place, do that NOW by following this link!

Discs Don’t “Slip”: Here’s How Discs Get Injured

#1 Inversion Tables Passively hanging upside down for a few minutes and completely eliminating your pain sounds not just fun, but downright easy, right? The idea of inversion therapy is based on the principle of spinal decompression/traction. The spinal vertebrae are being pulled apart from other another and held that way for a f