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Massage Therapy

Chiropractor Lebanon Tennessee

Massage Therapy Near Me
Olinda Jones, LMT

Olinda Jones, LMT

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Promotes tissue regeneration reducing scar tissue and stretch marks

Pumps H20 and nutrients into tissues and vital organs improving circulation

Alleviates pain

Improves range of motion and increases flexibility

Stimulates lymphatic flow enhancing immunity

Reduces blood pressure

Relieves stress

Managing anxiety and depression

Improves athletic performance

Massage therapy Lebanon

Massage Therapy Services:

With over 7 years of experience Olinda offers many modalities of massage:


Swedish              Deep Tissue          Neuromuscular

Fascial Release    Cranial Sacral       Sports Massage

Trigger Point        Cupping

Massage Therapy Near Me

Specializing in a heartfelt, nurturing integrative massage, locally in Lebanon, TN, Olinda tailors each session to each client's unique needs. Our patients have great success and are helped to deal with chronic pain, headaches, and postural dysfunctions associated with repetitive motion.

Massage Prices:
Chair Massage        $1 per min. up to 20 mins
Table Massage        30 minutes $55
                                   60 minutes $75
                                   90 minutes $110
                                  120 minutes $140


Office: (615) 444-2234        Cell: (615) 566-3339

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