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TMJ Dysfunction, Jaw & Facial Pain:
That's Our Specialty!
Jaw Pain, TMJ Dysfunction
TMJ Specialist in Lebanon, TN

Dr. Ryan House with Cumberland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine in Lebanon TN specializes in treating TMJ dysfunction and Facial pain. In the last 10 years, dentists, researchers, and the public have come to recognize that controversial jaw surgeries and night-guards / splints are not the only or the best answer to jaw problems and facial pain.

Dr. House is certified in TMJ and Orofacial Pain Techniques by the Central Institute of Human Performance, has studied under some of the most talented in the field, and is a veteran elite provider of Active Release Technique / ART (reported as the gold standard in soft tissue healthcare). But enough about credentials….
Masseter Facial Nerve Release TMJ
Dr. Ryan House
What Is TMJ Dysfunction?
The TMJ is the joint between the jaw bone and the skull. It has a disc, much like that of your spine or, even more similarly, the meniscus of the knee. The signs of TMD (dysfunction of the “area”) are tight or limited opening of the mouth, uncoordinated opening, noisy opening, and very commonly, pain around the joint ranging from the forehead to the lower jaw line and all areas in between.  
What Are The Symptoms of TMD?
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Ringing In The Ear
  • Ear Aches
  • Pain With Chewing
  • Limited Opening
  • TMJ Popping Or Clicking
  • Neck Pain
TMJ symptoms, ear pain, headaches, jaw pain
TMJ Statistics and Common Symptoms
What's The Problem With TMD?

Life’s activities such as chewing, opening, or especially clinching or grinding leave behind wear and tear. Wear and tear leaves behind scar tissue. Scar tissue acts just like “velcro”. So, wear and tissue produces velcro between certain nerves, muscles, and ligaments of your jaw. When this problem has piled up, opening feels tight, closing feels painful and all the while, the joint, where that disc lives, gets compressed and even damaged / worn out.
How Can I Get My TMJ Fixed?!?!

In simple terms, someone highly skilled in TMJ soft tissue therapy must peel apart the velcro in the specific spot where your jaw has accumulated it. Then, while there is a window of opportunity, smooth opening and closing must be retrained. At all costs, Clinching and Grinding or Bruxism must be reduced or even abolished. Sometimes Peeling apart that velcro, manipulating the jaw, prescribing exercises specific to your problem, or even helping to stop the clinching and grinding with strategies or counsel is definitely a job for a TMJ specialist. 
ART Active Release Technique for Jaw TMJ Pain
TMJ Jaw locking pain
TMJ Manual Therapy Near Me

If you are struggling with TMJ Pain or Dysfunction and recognize that you have the symptoms of TMD, such as jaw popping, facial pain, or especially teeth grinding, get it treated locally with confidence at Cumberland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine clinic in Lebanon, TN. Dr. House has a passion to help these cases. He will evaluate your TMJ problem and use the treatments necessary for your complete pain relief. Call us at (615) 444-2234 and schedule and appointment.
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