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TMJ, Jaw or Face Pain in Lebanon TN, Cumberland Chiropractic Can Help!

The TMJ is the joint between the jaw or mandible and the temporal bone of the skull (hence temporomandibular joint). It is one of the most mobile and complex joints in the body. So complex, in fact, that it's called a ginglymoarthrodial joint. Say that three times fast... Needless to say, its complexity often leads to dysfunction. If you've got pain in the jaw or face, popping or clicking during chewing, limitation of jaw movement, and even headaches/migraines then you know exactly what I'm talking about. The NIH suggests that 10 million of my fellow Americans are affected by problems in this area, and it's 4x more common in women than men.

Beaver holding his open painful jaw
TMJ Pain - I Has It!

Here are two ways you can help yourself with any TMD troubles and then I'm gonna prod you to let us at Cumberland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine in Lebanon TN help you.

First, poor posture is a huge instigator and perpetuator of jaw problems and headaches. If someone has told you to "sit up straight" or "stand up straight" more than once, take their word for it. Best two pieces of advice I can give you is get a foam roller to loosen up your middle back, and touch every headrest you can find with the back of your head. Be obsessive about it, to the point you feel weird if your head doesn't have a headrest. Watch your sitting posture change over time and maybe even greatly relieve your TMJ trouble.

Second, STOP GRINDING YOUR TEETH. Many people don't realize that they are clinchers, grinders or bruxers (fidgeting with jaw movement). There are many causes of these jaw taxing activities, but in my experience, the #1 cause is between your ears, your brain. Stress can cause it, anxiety can cause it, or even believing a certain lie can cause it (REALLY!). If it's stress or anxiety, I've got two words "Jesus Saves". Saves from what? I know this: I was totally self-reliant and stressed, until life got too big for even a determined guy like me to control. Then I surrendered to the Creator of the Universe, and gave him my reliance and the control. Now I have peace that surpasses understanding! Here's that lie you might believe...your teeth are not supposed to fit together perfectly. Don't try all day long to do so. Normal resting jaw posture is lips closed, teeth open, tongue relaxed against the gum just behind your upper teeth. Make it a priority to stop clinching or grinding all day long and even you night time clinchers will wake up feeling better.

If you have TMD and your TMJ disc is the cause, I won't have to prod you to come see us, pain will do that job. If you have a sore jaw, face, headaches or popping when you open or close, let me encourage you. We help people with TMJ pain or TMD, the more correct term, all the time. There is hope, but don't wait too long, as the jaw can get arthritic when you know there is a problem and put off getting it fixed. The jaw and surrounding soft tissues (muscles, ligaments and nerves) are just like the neck, back, shoulder, etc., they have to be treated with a specific diagnosis and specific treatment, which is our specialty.

If you're having trouble, try these two strategies I've mentioned for 2-4 weeks. If you're not 50% better, give us a call at Cumberland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine in Lebanon TN where We Get You Better Faster. We'd love to help and you'll be so glad you did! Thanks for reading!

For other TMD resources, check out some of our YouTube videos: TMJ Pain, Jaw Gait Training, and Recliner Posture


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