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What are Custom Foot Orthotics

One of our most essential structures in your body is your feet! Your feet, and their arches, are responsible for daily tasks like getting up and down from your desk at work and making sure you don't step on any toes. They make sure that we can stand tall, walk forward, and run as fast as the wind. Our feet help us move throughout the world and get very little recognition until they start to hurt and cause problems.

Preventing foot issues before they happen is a smart idea, and foot orthotics help with just that! The name describes the product perfectly; these are orthotic shoe inserts made custom to your foot's shape and movements to help with making a stronger foundation for your body.

Many people have seen shoe inserts at the store that are one size fits all for foot pain and symptoms. What if you have multiple issues occurring on your feet? It's not uncommon for foot issues to cause hip and spine challenges. Store-bought inserts may not alter critical changes, essential to managing foot pain, low back pain, and sometimes even headaches. Custom foot orthotics have many benefits, but what parts of the foot are the inserts affecting? Here is a comprehensive list of what the inserts are affecting.

1. Creation of a symmetrical foundation: balancing the three arches in your feet, so there is less tilting of your body during the day

2. Heel Strike shock reduction: materials in the orthotic help absorb shock as you walk to reduce pain and discomfort.

3. Help with balance: the evening of your legs, so they have the same length as you walk and journey throughout your day.

custom foot orthotics

The Top 3 Benefits of Foot Orthotics

Foot orthotics can assist with pain in your feet and dysfunctions going up to your low back and neck. Foot orthotics can help keep your feet comfortable all day by providing the proper support for your arches. Choosing the right foot orthotic isn't as easy as grabbing anything off the local store's shelf. The wrong orthotics can actually create problems. This is why we recommend getting custom orthotics.

Custom foot orthotics benefit your feet and the overall structure of your body. Your feet carry the weight of your body throughout each day, which means you need to take good care of them. The top three benefits from consistently wearing a custom foot orthotic include:

1. Getting the Right Support Easily: it's an easy fix to slip an orthotic in your shoe and let them do the work.

2. Improve Performance: Custom foot orthotics have been shown to help a golfer swing, among many other performance benefits.

3. Reduction of pain: orthotics have shown a sharp decrease in pain in those who have jobs that require them to stand all day.

Are Foot Orthotics Right for Me?

Have you noticed one or both of your feet roll in or out while you walk? Do you have extra pain after standing for long periods? Have you been previously diagnosed with a foot pain problem? All of these are signs that a foot orthotic may be right for you. Foot orthotics have many benefits and can help almost everyone. This includes Custom Orthotics for children to prevent future problems with their feet and posture as they grow and develop.

The fact that foot orthotics can be used to prevent and treat many ailments means that they are beneficial for most people. The most effective way to determine for yourself if foot orthotics are appropriate is to look at the following signs:

Observe your posture while you walk.

See if your knees line up with your feet.

Look to see if the back of the heel is straight.

See if the central arch in your foot is flat or too high.

Just like a car tire, make sure the tread on your shoes is even.

How to choose the Best Foot Orthotic

There is a choice between buying a run-of-the-mill orthotic at the store that is one size fits all or a Custom Foot Orthotic from a doctor. Typically with foot orthotics from a trained doctor, they will do a thorough examination looking at multiple factors to determine the correct insert for you. This exam includes observing you walk, checking your posture and alignment from head to toe, and analyzing a worn pair of shoes for patterns.

Choosing the right pair of orthotics is essential for the well-being of your feet and entire body as you walk, stand, and complete activities during the day. For this reason, a comprehensive exam and scanning of the feet will be completed to choose the perfect insert for you. Since every person is so different, there are many kinds of orthotic types; here are a few of the popular inserts based on their purpose:

Long periods of standing: inserts will have increased cushion for the feet.

Athletics: these are made of a lighter material and typically will have colloidal silver to reduce the smell from sweat.

Durability: made for work boots, have a material that is thicker and more sturdy.

Prevention: lighter and minimally intense to assist with posture.

Pediatric: designed to help the body grow and develop.

Next Steps:

To get the perfect orthotic insert, make sure to let us know what type of shoes you typically wear so they can get a long-lasting and effective custom orthotic for you. If you are interested in trying this easy and proven conservative type of care, make sure to call the office today and make an appointment with us at Cumberland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine.

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