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The Chain of Pain: How Joint Pain Can "Spread" Through the Body.

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

See this? This is my ankle, or lack thereof, about 6 hours after a fire ant bite; if you can't tell I'm very allergic. It happens about twice a year, I'll be mowing the yard in my neighborhood which is infested with fire ants, and one will sneak up my shoe and get me. Following a bite like this, my ankle is typically swollen for about 5 days, the first 2 of which I can barely walk due to the pain of putting pressure on my foot.

The Ankle pain would naturally be expected, but the knee and low back pain that accompanied it by day 3 may come as a surprise to some. After a few days of hobbling around the house attempting to maintain some level of productivity, I started to have some achy pain on the side of my left knee and I'd feel dull low back pain when I was standing. This may sound unusual but this apparent spreading of joint pain is just an accelerated representation of a problem that happens to many of us during our lifetime.