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Tennis Elbow Pain Relief

Updated: 3 days ago

Tennis elbow describes pain at the outside bump of the elbow, the lateral epicondyle. Particularly, this condition is a tendinosis or tendon injury of the forearm muscles that extend the wrist, the common extensor group. I will say, that this diagnosis is one that is highly butchered in the healthcare world. Pretty much any lateral elbow pain is lumped into this category and you don't have to play tennis at all to have problems in this area, but still be labeled with this diagnosis.

If you or someone you love is struggling with pain on the outside bump of the elbow, I'm going to give you my best guess at how to fix yourself. First off, don't stretch the pain. That's right, stretch the opposite side of the forearm. Do the forearm flexor part (the one with the fingers going backward) of the Forearm stretches video from our YouTube Channel. Do 10 reps 3x / day. Secondly, tape the elbow, as shown in our latest Facebook Video on taping for lateral elbow pain. Tape it twice, which would be tape on for four days, take it off for 2. Tape it again for four days, then take it off.

If this strategy works, congratulations! If it doesn't work, you need our help. Call us or request an appointment online by clicking above. We're right here in your backyard of Lebanon, TN and tendon, muscle and nerve issues are our specialty! We use a group of treatments such as Active Release Technique, Graston / Scraping, Dynamic Cupping, Vibration Therapy, Laser Therapy, and specific Rehab Exercises to get you better, fast. You just can't do this stuff at home and a lot of elbow problems require this kind of precision and resources.


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