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“That’s Not What My Old Chiropractor Does.” How Sports Chiropractors Are Not Just For Athletes!

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Recently, I watched a video that a friend and colleague made about what makes chiropractors who specialize in sports medicine different from every other chiropractor. I realized that I was getting a lot of the same questions from my patients that he was getting from his. The most common question, “Why should I come to a sports medicine chiropractor? I’m not an athlete.”

Everyone knows that there are different kinds of medical doctors who specialize in different fields. Cardiologists are experts on the heart and blood vessels. Neurologists focus on the brain and nervous system. If you ask most people, they would probably say that chiropractors treat back and neck pain and they’d be right. But the chiropractic profession, like any other, has grown so much over the years, and most of the world hasn’t caught on to that fact yet. Chiropractors have begun to specialize as well, and the specialty of chiropractic sports medicine is getting a lot of attention.

Many chiropractors (like me and the amazing doctors you’ll find at Cumberland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine… #ShamelessPlug) are now building “sports medicine” style practices. Does that mean all they do is treat athletes, and you only find them on the sidelines or in CrossFit gyms? The answer is no! Sports medicine clinics are for EVERYONE, athletes and non-athletes alike. Stealing a quote from a colleague, “Our clinic is a family practice with a sports medicine feel, for the athlete and their family.”

“Well then Dr. Cervone, what makes you different from the last chiropractor I saw?” Glad you asked!

When I describe myself as a sports chiropractor to anyone, there are 3 main points that I explain that differentiate a sports chiropractor from what the average person thinks a chiropractor might do.

  • We have Elite Assessment and Treatment Skills.

  • We spend More Time With Our Patients.