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"Well, My Back Is Out....Now What??"

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

We have multiple patients every week that have "thrown their back out". This term could mean anything from "I can't stand up straight" to "It's the worst pain ever" or "My old bad back is acting up again". Regardless of your circumstances, back pain is a scary and painful problem. Where do you turn? Most people either ask their immediate family and their own pride (I mean knowledge) for advice or they ask friends or FaceBook what to do. In today's article, hopefully I can give you some general yet effective and accurate advice if you ever find yourself up back pain creek without a paddle.

Sound Advice for Acute Low Back Pain

#1: Ice, Don't Heat. All new or acute

pain has an inflammatory component to it. Heat throws gasoline on the fire with inflammatory conditions. Heat may feel good at the time, but you will be sorry you slept on that old heating pad the next morning. You need a gel ice pack (flexible when frozen and substantial in size and weight). Lay on your back, on the floor (unless you're certain you'll never get up if you get down; then use the bed), place the ice pack under your back with a t-shirt thick layer between your skin and the ice, put your feet up on the couch or ottoman. Stay there for 20 minutes or until your pain spot goes from cold to uncomfortable to numb. Do this every 2 hours. It's a good idea, if your stomach can handle it, to take Ibuprofen or Aleve to further fight that inflammation and pain. I'd rather go au naturale, drastic times call for appropriate measures.

#2: Learn To Move Again Pain Free. After you ice your back, you should have a window of opportunity to re-learn to move while your problem is less inflamed. Move that chair out of the way and put your