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Keeping Your Spinal Discs Healthy

Bottom Line:

Proactively doing things today to help your spinal discs stay healthy in the future is a smart idea. Ain't no one got time for back pain! Every day your spinal disc absorbs stress related to gravity, your posture, and your movement patterns (or lack thereof). Over time this stress can cause your discs to degenerate and become painful. If you want to minimize your chances of back pain in the future, here a few ways you can keep your discs healthy starting today.

Why it Matters:

Movement and exercise are the top ways to keep your spinal discs healthy. Each day try to move your spine through its full range of motion and be cautious about sitting for hours in front of a computer. Using a standing desk can help to engage the small muscles supporting your spine, which is essential for your disc's health. Another thing to keep in mind is your posture. The combination of inactivity and long periods in an unbalanced posture can wreak havoc on your spinal discs.