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Is K-Tape Right for You?

Here at Cumberland Chiropractic we use many different modalities to get you better faster. One of the modalities we use is RockTape™, also known as Kinesio tape or K-tape. You have likely seen athletes on TV or people around town wearing this tape, but what is it and how can it help you?

RockTape, our preferred brand of K-Tape, is a stretchy tape that we use in a variety of applications. Some of the more common applications include posture improvement, reduction in low back pain, and stabilization of joints. Some of the thoughts surrounding K-tape is that it lifts the skin, increases blood and lymphatic flow, and helps with proprioceptive feedback.

Posture Improvement

After a thorough assessment of your posture, our doctors may decide to use RockTape as a tool to help you improve your posture. For example, if the doctor determines that you slouch forward too often, he may apply some tape to the upper back to help you sit up straighter. While the tape itself isn’t pulling you upright, its serving as a constant reminder to sit up straight on your own, helping to create a lasting habit.