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How to Strengthen Your Spinal Discs

Updated: 4 days ago

Bottom Line:

No one wants to deal with back pain. If you're struggling with pain today or looking to reduce your risk in the future, you may be curious about how you can strengthen your spinal discs. When you think about strengthening your disc, you need to consider how you strengthen your core. Your core is the set of muscles, ligaments, and tendons that support your spinal column and help your spinal discs move.

Spinal Disc Strength

Why it Matters:

Your core needs to have a balance of strength and flexibility. Strengthening your core allows your body to have the support it needs to move, bend, and twist without causing injuries. Flexibility is also crucial. Being able to move through your entire range of motion helps your spinal discs stay healthy.

• Core exercises can help your back maintain a balance of strength and flexibility

• Movement of your spine promotes the delivery of nutrients to the spinal discs

• Spinal adjustments can improve your range of motion and decrease pain

Next Steps:

Maintaining the proper balance of strength and flexibility can help keep your core and spinal column functioning at its highest level. It is much easier to keep your spine moving than to get your spine moving. It's been said that we don't get old and stiff; we get stiff then old. Our practice is here to help you stay active, healthy, and happy. Contact us today to schedule a visit to assess your movement and create a plan of action to keep you pain-free and at the top of your game. Schedule a visit with us at Cumberland Chiropractic so we can get you better, faster!

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