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How to Make the Most of Your New Year's Resolution.

Updated: 3 days ago

It's that time of year again, the time when about half of us set upon the road to self-improvement in the form of a New Year's resolution.

But sadly the vast majority of those who begin a resolution will not succeed in their endeavor for more than a few months. So how can you avoid falling into the pitfall of a failed resolution? Here are a few tips on how to achieve lasting success with some common New Year's resolutions.

Source: University of Scranton. Journal of Clinical Psychology

Diet/Weight Loss

There are countless diets being marketed today centered around weight loss. Company's capitalize on the promise of quick results with supplements and cleanses, some of which are not only ineffective but in some cases dangerous. Follow these guidelines when setting your New Year's goals for weight loss.

  1. Set a realistic goal. It's hard to stick to a diet or weight loss plan if you're constantly being disappointed with the results, and you'll always be disappointed if the goals you set are unobtainable. Planning to lose more than 1-2 pounds a week can set you at a disadvantage from the beginning.

  2. Don't rely on supplements. Some supplements can be useful in aiding weight loss, but many rely heavily on caffeine and other stimulants to try and boost the metabolism. This can cause unintended side effects such as headaches and high blood pressure and while the metabolism may be boosted temporarily the effects will be fleeting once you stop taking the supplement leading to results that are not maintainable.

  3. Choose a diet that is sustainable for you. "It's not a sprint it's a marathon" and "It's not a diet it's a lifestyle change" are two phrases that you'll hear when researching successful diets for healthy, sustainable weight loss. It doesn't make sense to choose a diet like juicing all of your meals or relying on an expensive meal subscription service that will not be sustainable because once you stop and revert to your previous eating habits any results achieved will be lost.

Working Out/Getting in Shape

Have you noticed that the gym parking lots look particularly full in January? The surge of new gym goers at the first of the year is a bit of a running joke for gym staffers and regulars. Keep these things in mind when choosing a new work out regimen to reap a year's worth of results instead of just 12 months worth of gym membership payments.

  1. Choose a workout you'll enjoy. Think the only way to get in shape is to sign up at a standard gym? You'll get better results with a membership to an indoor climbing facility than you would at a weight lifting gym if you have a passion for climbing. If you're having fun with what you're doing then you'll find yourself looking forward to workouts, showing up more often, and staying longer than if you're just going through the motions. So consider crossfit, yoga, climbing, swimming, martial arts, or a sports league, whatever gets you excited about getting up and moving. Even if it costs a bit more than your average gym, it will be money well spent.

  2. Have a buddy or an end goal. Something or someone to keep you accountable. There will be mornings that you don't feel like getting up early and days you don't feel like lacing up your running shoes. Having a friend to hold you accountable or an event like a half marathon looming in the weeks ahead can be the extra push you need to be consistent.

  3. Don't get hurt. Failing a New Year's resolution really just means you quit or gave up. You know what makes for a great time to quit? Getting hurt. Countless resolutions are ended with a strain, sprain or worse. Once you're out of the game due to an injury it's a lot easier to just not start back again. Listen to course instructors, don't be afraid to ask for pointers, and never compromise good form for heavier weight or extra reps. If you do develop an injury or begin to have pain with certain exercises get it checked out. Chiropractic is a great option for those with muscle and joint pain and it can even help improve range of motion allowing you to achieve better form and avoid injury. It may sound like a shameless plug but chiropractic clinics, especially those that regularly work with athletes or specialize in sports medicine, are well equipped for the wide range of injuries that can occur from starting a new routine. They can even advise you on what to change in order to avoid future injury.

Cognitive Improvement

Whether it's learning a new language or just generally feeling sharper mentally many New Year's resolutions center around cognitive improvement. Here are some tips for staying sharp in the year ahead.

  1. Always be trying something new. If you're striving to improve your mental health then give your brain a workout by doing something you've never done before. Too often we find ourselves in a humdrum routine that can leave us feeling mentally stagnant. Read a book on a new subject, learn a new recipe, find a new route to work. Even little things that force your brain to think outside the box will help you stay mentally sharp and see things from new angles.

  2. Play Games. Back before television and the internet games were the standard for mental stimulation. Sports, board games, and even video games force us to think differently in order to succeed within the parameters of the game. Start a family game night or try picking up a game you've never played before to challenge your brain.

  3. Use Technology. When it comes to your mental health technology can be a massive pitfall or a valuable tool, depending upon how you use it. You can use YouTube to mindlessly stream vine compilation videos or to play a tutorial video on how to repair your car. Your cellphone can be used to thumb through status updates while you wait in line or you could use it to learn something new. Try spending more time using technology to challenge you in order to feel mentally refreshed.


Hopefully these tips will help you succeed in your resolutions for 2019. If you have muscle or joint pain and your resolution includes feeling better then we want to help! At Cumberland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine we want to be your resource for better musculoskeletal health in 2019.

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