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Psoas - The Most Important, Most Overlooked Muscle We Have!

Updated: 3 days ago

There's a muscle that few talk about, a few more ever get theirs addressed, but so many people need it fixed. It's called the Psoas muscle. Google it if it sounds farfetched. There is a psoas major, psoas minor and a close neighbor, the Iliacus. These muscles live on the front of the hip and low back, deep in the belly. Their job is to flex the hip (bring knee to chest).

Iliacus, Psoas, Muscles, Hip Flexor Group
Iliacus, Psoas, Muscles, Hip Flexor Group

Do you have a psoas problem? Well, do you have an unusually deep curve in your low back? Do you get up from sitting and for the first few steps have trouble standing straight? Do you lean backwards and sharp pain hits at your low back, like a jammed finger sensation? "Yes" to these questions likely signifies that you have a psoas or hip flexor problem.

If this sounds like you, the best place to start is to try a stretch at home. Go to my website at, find rehab videos and watch the video on hip flexor stretching. If this stretch is going to help, you will see a difference in your pain in the first three days if you are accurate and consistent. If that doesn't work, you need our help. Active Release Technique is about the only way to effectively change a locked tight psoas, and we have you covered!

If you have struggled with back pain that no one can figure out. Ask yourself the questions above and if the answers are yes, call us. A good exam then specific treatment and you will walk out of the office with relief, like magic for your low back pain....that lasts!


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