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Orthopedist or Cumberland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine??

Cumberland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine has a great relationship with a

Chiropractic Orthopedic Test Knee

handful of Orthopedists and Orthopedic Offices, so there is no "us versus them". The question is, which one do you call to schedule an appointment with when an injury or pain comes up? This article aims to help the public decide how to choose who to see for pain relief or injury recovery.

Let me say that the title is important here. We're considering our area, Lebanon, TN since we are so familiar with the quality of our local orthopedic peers, and our office and not chiropractors in general, since we are different than many chiropractic offices for a few reasons. First, we specialize in diagnosis. That means, we don't just focus on the joints of the body only. We examine with the detailed focus of a high caliber orthopedic physician, searching for the problem, whether that be nerve, muscle, OR joint. Secondly, we're not just for necks and backs. We are extremely well trained in upper and lower extremity care as well.

Orthopedic Test Neck Pain

We treat aches and pains, literally from head to toe, whether the problem is acute or chronic. Healthcare works ideally when the right physician treats the right case. Much like your primary care physician is the best first stop for infections, blood sugar issues or heart problems, we are the best first stop for nerve, muscle, or joint aches or pains, and for cases that aren't obviously suited to the ER, walk-in clinic, or orthopedist.

Now for the decision making algorithm:

-"I rolled my ankle, heard a pop, and can't walk on it at all". Go see the orthopedist or even walk in clinic for an x-ray. Trauma is best suited for ruling out the suspected "scary stuff (fracture, dislocation, full tear)."

-"I woke up this morning and cannot straighten up due to back pain." Definitely come see us! Cases where there has been no trauma will get better, faster with functional care versus medicine. We may need to send for an x-ray or MRI or we may even send you to your PCP for medication along with our treatment, if necessary.

-"Every time I raise my arm, my shoulder hurts." Go with Cumberland Chiropractic again! We will find the exact tightness or impingement that is causing your pain. There are cases where the joint is too degenerated or there is a severe tear. We will uncover that problem and send you to the orthopedist, but in a GREAT number of cases surgery can be avoided.

-"I fell and caught myself with my hand. Now my wrist really hurts." These cases are best fielded by the orthopedist or walk-in clinic. This could be a bad sprain with ligament tearing or even a fracture. Either way, splinting will be necessary and that's an orthopedic specialty.

-"I don't know what happened, but I scream in pain when I lift my head off the pillow and my grip is extremely weak!" Severe weakness and 10 out of 10 pain is best suited for medication first. Go see the emergency room. They will get you started on the right pain medication and get the correct imaging taken. You may need surgery in some cases or great chiropractic care if not.

-"I had back surgery four years ago, and I did well for about six months, but my back pain has returned." Come see us! Sometimes surgery fixes the problem, but there is another cause that needs to be addressed. We specialize in chronic or even complicated cases.

-"My hand is numb and tingling. I sit at a desk most days and I'm sure it's carpal tunnel syndrome." Nerve problems are another one of our specialties. I recommend starting with Cumberland Chiropractic. We are very successful with numbness and tingling cases. And if there is a severe issue that cannot be fixed conservatively, we know who specializes in the type of surgery you need, and we'll send you there.

Some generalities that you may have picked up on are...if trauma is involved, rule out the scary stuff first (such as fracture, dislocation, or tear) by going to an orthopedic clinic. If you need prescription medicine (narcotics) because the pain level is so high, go to the emergency room, walk-in clinic, or orthopedist first. If no trauma is involved and you are not screaming in 12 out of 10 pain, Cumberland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine is, in our opinion, the best place to start!


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