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Chiropractic Vs. Ibuprofen. Is Chiropractic Worth the Price?

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Chiropractic and pain medication both aim to offer pain relief, and although the pros and cons of both can be disputed, something that cannot be disputed is that the cost of chiropractic is significantly more than over the counter pain medication. A 300 count bottle of ibuprofen retails for around $7 while the average chiropractic visit is around $65.

ibuprofen over the counter pain medication
ibuprofen $6.99 at Walmart

Chiropractic treatment typically requires several visits, so why pay for chiropractic when you could buy a month's supply of pain medication for the cost of one visit? Well, there are many well-known health concerns of constantly taking pain medication for weeks at a time, which will be addressed later in this blog, but there is a foundational difference between the two that borders on philosophical. As with most philosophical notions, it's best described using an analogy.

Let's pretend you walk into a room of your home or apartment and see a spot on your ceiling. It's various shades of brown against the white paint and roughly circular in shape. It's a textbook sign of a leak in your roof.