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Better! Faster! "What Do You Mean By THAT?!"

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Our motto at Cumberland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine is "We Get You Better! Faster!" What exactly do we mean by that? Is that comparative and cocky? Is that an empty marketing cliche? If you've been to our office or know our doctors personally, hopefully you sense that both of those adjectives, cocky and unintentional, do not fit (even though all of us are guilty of having a bad day every once in a while). So, today we will explain exactly what we mean by our motto and try to convey our heart about our practice. Interested in getting some help but have questions beyond this blog? Visit this link and schedule an absolutely free consult with no obligation. We're here to help! It has been said that Healthcare Value = Results / (Cost per Visit)(# of Visits). Value is what I choose when shopping and therefore that's what we offer our patients.

"Better! Faster!" than whom? In our office, we treat nerves, muscles and joints literally from head to toe. When you have a problem in that category, you have options including: wait and see, surgery, medicine, injection, physical therapy, massage, or even another chiropractor. Let's consider each of these.

We definitely will get you better, faster than waiting and seeing, so, no comparison. What about surgery? We may not be able to compete, but then again, we may be your only hope. Let's be hypothetical here. You've got terrible leg pain from hip to foot. MRI shows a disc bulge in your low back with mild to moderate "nerve pinching". A good exam done in our or any other physician's office does NOT show that the leg pain is coming from the back. I humbly suggest that even though surgery is justifiable, it is, hands down, the wrong choice. As a matter of fact, if you look up "insurance trial conservative care surgery" you will find that Aetna, UHC and BlueCross require anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months of conservative care (that's us) before surgery is approved for coverage (unless certain obvious and drastic signs / symptoms are present). What's the answer? Go to an open minded and caring orthopedist. And the same rules apply for chiropractor or physical therapist.

Medicine and injections may get you better fast, but that depends on your definition of better. If better means pain relief temporarily to you, then this is your best option. If you're looking to fix the cause of your problem then you should not stop there. Medication, in addition to (any fix of the cause) chiropractic, physical therapy, massage or even surgery is a fine option.

How about physical therapy or massage versus us at Cumberland Chiropractic? Here's the deal. We continuously study how the best chiropractors, physical therapists, physiotherapis