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Labeled as "The Gold Standard in Soft Tissue Treatment" ART is a hands-on method for fixing adhesions or scar tissue around muscles, tendons, and nerves.


Got a stubborn condition? FAKTR could be the game changer for you. An instrument assisted cross fiber massage technique done while provoking your complaint.


Movement testing: a supplement to orthopedic testing. An objective way for the doctor and patient to easily tell when and where the body is broken or fixed.

Rock Tape Functional Taping Kinesio Tape Lebanon TN

We use RockTape because it's the best! We place it on the body where it needs it to retrain the brain. It's crazy, but it works and you will feel it instantly.

DNS Rehab Exercise Chiropractor Lebanon TN

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and function rehabilitation are stretches or stability exercises that get you moving again and moving well.

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 We are a top rated provider, according to Facebook, Google, and Yelp. Why choose us? To get results, just like they did!

MPI Joint Motion Manipulation Chiropractic Lebanon TN

With a skilled set of hands, this technique takes the guess work out of chiropractic adjustments. We know where, how, and when not to adjust your joints.


We have the state of the art in tissue healing lasers. Soothing and completely safe, our class IV deep tissue laser gets you better, faster!

Orthopedic Test Chiropractor Lebanon TN

We use the latest evidence-based orthopedic testing during our examination to provide our patients with the most accurate diagnosis of their musculoskeletal condition.


Magen Y. -

I came to Cumberland Chiropractic as a result of frequent migraines, very poor posture and back and neck pain. I had awesome results, almost immediately! I now have much less neck pain, fewer migraines, and a better posture... I am 100% satisfied!

Krista M. -

By far the best chiropractor in TN.  We live in Murfreesboro and gladly make the drive!

Randy M. -

I came in due to 2 bulging discs in my low back due to poor squat mechanics...  I now have no pain and my movement has improved tremendously! I'm able to squat full depth and have returned back to competitive crossfitting... You guys are great!

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