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Knee Pain Relief

Chiropractic Care For Knee Pain?

Normal daily activities become difficult when you have knee pain. Avoid the pain, medication, or surgery by seeking help from our chiropractors at Cumberland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine clinic.

Causes and Symptoms of Knee Pain

Knee pain can hinder your everyday life and even career, especially in the case of athletes. Regardless of your activity or lifestyle, our knees bear most of the load of our bodies AND are required to perform tremendous ranges of motion, which sets up a lot of chances for irritation or injury. Our chiropractors treat patients daily with knee pain and knee problems with great success. 

If you experience the following symptoms, you should visit our chiropractic clinic to check your knee:

  • Clicking or popping sound in the knee

  • Knee pain or pain around the knee

  • Difficulties in fully extending or fully bending the knee

  • Stiffness and swelling of the knee

  • Weakness and instability

Techniques Our Chiropractors Use for Knee Pain Relief

Non-invasive (non-surgical) techniques that our chiropractors use at Cumberland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine clinic are very effective for knee pain with no side effects; while there are risks that arise from surgeries or the use of prescribed medication. Our chiropractors are specialists at evaluating and determining the correct treatment for your knee pain. Treatments for knee pain relief include:

  1. Posture Correction – Not just neck and back, posture correction involves the support and mobility of the foot and ankle, the rotations of the knee and the tilt of the hip joints and pelvis. Correct posture ensures that your body weight is evenly distributed and less stress is placed on the muscle, ligaments and joints of the knee.

  2. Active Release Technique – when movement patterns are "off", muscle tension is imbalanced or old injuries are haunting us, our knees are the target of excessive wear and tear. Wear and tear leaves behind scar tissue. Scar tissue is release by hand using Active Release Technique. Think of it as "peeling apart the velcro that makes you feel tight.

  3. Spine or Extremity Adjustments – An aligned spine and extremity joints with balanced mobility results in increased functionality, decreased pain, and reduced wear and tear throughout the body.

  4. Functional Rehabilitation - In order to get lasting pain relief and knee healing, we will need your help at  home in performing specific and consistent stretches and strengthening exercises. 

  5. Laser Therapy and other Modalities for Pain Relief and Joint Healing – We will incorporate chiropractic treatment options including laser therapy, high speed vibration, kinesiotaping, ice therapy, or topical pain relief gels to get you better, faster!

Common theories that are linked to knee pain are listed below, but please don't give up on your knees just because you have any of these concurrent problems. Our chiropractors can help.

  • Excessive body weight

  • A pinched nerve in the lower back, hip, or thigh

  • Knee joint or Knee cap misalignment

  • Flat feet – People with a low arch or no arch at all on their feet

  • Cartilage that has degraded over time or Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD)

  • Diagnosed conditions such as tendonitis, cruciate ligament injuries, or arthritis.

Chiropractor Near Me

Don’t try self-adjustment at home; it can lead to further knee joint damage. Get professional care, locally, from our chiropractors at Cumberland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine clinic in Lebanon, Tennessee. Call us at (615) 444-2234 and schedule an appointment.

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